Benefits of Tai Chi 

 ·        It is a low-impact form of exercise.

 ·        It is an aerobic workout.

 ·        It is also considered to be a “weight-bearing” exercise.

Health and Wellness Benefits Include—But, are not limited to:  
 ·      Improve physical condition, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility.
 ·       Improves balance and lowers the risk for falls, especially in elderly people.
 ·        Reduces pain and stiffness--for example, from arthritis.
 ·        Mental Health and Physical Health benefits that may be experienced from meditation.
 ·        May improve sleep.
 ·        Helps the digestive system to work better.
 ·        Decreases Anxiety and Stress in the body.
 ·        To improve overall wellness.

tai chi - yang form (Cheng, Man-Ch'ing)

Yang Style Tai Chi is the most popular and widespread version of Tai Chi taught today.  This version of Tai Chi produces a low impact aerobic workout that is gentle on the body.  Yang style provides health benefits for the mind and body and when practiced regularly most individuals are rewarded with better overall health.


The core practice principles for Yang Style Tai Chi includes: relaxation, circular movements, martial arts applications, rooting, moving from the waist, chi or energy, softness, timing of movement and coordination, fullness and emptiness, deep and coordinated breathing, becoming calm and quiet, leading bodily movements, and others. Following the core principles are crucial to optimization of benefits.   Yang Style Tai Chi is the only Tai Chi version instructed at Wu Shu Studio; however, it is considered the form of choice for most due to the low impact workout vs. overall benefits.



Cheng, Man-Ch'ing

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